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Cardiopulmonary Services

Cardiopulmonary Services

Health Resources:

- Pulmonary Function Tests
- Echocardiogram
- Electrocardiogram

Trinity Hospital of Augusta offers a variety of services to patients in a comfortable and caring environment. The skilled and caring staff in our Cardiopulmonary Department provides patients with the following services:

  • Respiratory Care Services
  • Pulmonary Function Test is a series of tests that measure lung function. The tests provide information about the amount of air that a person’s lungs can hold, and how effectively the lungs work. The test can be used to diagnose respiratory conditions including asthma.
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) records, on graph paper, the electrical impulses traveling through the heart. The purpose is to evaluate the heart’s function, to determine the presence of abnormal electrical impulses and to detect heart damage.
  • Holter Monitoring is a type of electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) used to monitor the ECG tracing continuously for a period of 24 hours or longer.
  • Stress Test is a noninvasive procedure performed on a treadmill to help diagnose heart disease. More extensive studies are combined with radioisotopes.

Scheduling for this service is handled through our Central Scheduling Department at 706-481-7535.

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